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About Us

Please check our events page for 2015 updates!

We are an umbrella organization of  fifteen member organizations located in the wider Bay area between Santa Rosa and San Jose, with most of the organizations in San Francisco and the North Bay.

Our organization was founded in 1890 in order to achieve cooperation among the many German Clubs that existed then. All 15 member organizations are dedicated to promote and keep our cultural heritage alive, be it through music, song and dance, or nature walks and camp-outs, or other gatherings and special events. UGAS-SF supports German Language schools, newspapers and radio stations to keep future generations interested and informed about German culture, language and events.

The main event of the year is the GERMAN DAY Celebration in honor of the third of October which is a German National holiday, called "Tag der Deutschen Einheit" ("Day of German Unity"), and the sixth of October, a day to remember all German immigrants since their first arrival in 1683! The GERMAN DAY festivity events are held in conjunction with the Oktoberfest.

UGAS-SF is a non-discriminatory tax-exempt organization. We are open to developments and events that fit into our charter. Please contact any member association for further detail and information. We welcome your input and suggestions.


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